Start electric crematorium for Covid-19 deaths: Vikram Iyengar

Mysuru, July 9:- “The number of coronavirus deaths is increasing. It is essential now to start electric crematorium to perform final rites of the people who die of Covid-19,” said Vikram Iyengar of KMPK Charitable Trust of the city in his media release.

“When coronavirus patients die, people don’t allow final rites to be performed in their neighbourhood and are protesting. The electric crematorium is the solution for this. People are scared of the virus getting transmitted by burying the body of the deceased or cremating with firewood. State and central governments should take initiative for the final rites to be held in electric crematorium. It is unfortunate that we can’t help during the final rites. It is shocking to see the bodies of the deceased being carried in JCB excavators and being buried with scant respect,” he said. (MR/KS)

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