State, central govts hiding correct coronavirus deaths: Congress leader M Lakshman

Mysuru, June 24:- The state and central governments are hiding the actual coronavirus deaths, but the people of the country want to know the actual figures. It is their duty to give us the correct figures, said Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) spokesman M Lakshman here on Thursday (June 24).

Talking to reporters at a press conference, he said, “I have my serious doubts about the actual figures which could be very high compared to what has been given to us. Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Dr Bagadi Gautham is also lying. His version in connection with the Delta Plus cases is confusing and is giving rise to doubts. Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said there is one Delta Plus case in Mysuru, but Dr Gautham said there is no such case. It is a serious issue and the Deputy Commissioner can’t be lying.”

Lakshman alleged, “Over 42 lakh people have died of coronavirus pandemic in the country. In Karnataka alone, over one lakh people died of the pandemic. In Mysuru district, there are 7,000 deaths so far. But the figures given to us are no way close to reality.”

He added, “The state government, it seems, is playing with Mysuru district. Most of the districts have been unlocked but not Mysuru.” (MR/KS)

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