State government urged not to privatise PHCs

Mysuru, September 11:- The Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) on Friday (September 11) staged a protest against privatisation of Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) in Mysuru district.

SUCI volunteers, who had gathered in large numbers near the deputy commissioner’s office (DC) office here, said, “Under the state government’s Arogya Bandhu scheme, there are plans to privatise 10 PHCs in Mysuru district which is a dangerous development. The move to privatise PHCs which are on the border of the district is strange. When the government is struggling to find doctors for the PHCs, how will the private organisations manage them? Under any circumstances, the state government should not privatise PHCs. Instead, the government should fill the vacant posts and provide good healthcare. There is a need to provide better treatment at Covid Care Centres with more staff.”

SUCI committee members M Umadevi, Chandrashekar Meti, Sandhya, Harish, Sunil, Chandrakala, Asiya and B Ravi were present. (MR/KS)



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