State govt to absorb estimated 35,000 contract pourakarmikas

To ensure that pourakarmi­kas who have been recruit­ed on a contract basis are absorbed, the state gov­ernment has decided to abolish contract system of recruitment at the urban lo­cal bodies before April 2017. And also all steps have been taken to eradicate manual scavenging, said Karnata­ka State Safai Karmacha­ri Commission Chairman Narayan, here on Sunday.

He said that pourakar­mikas who have been hired on a contract basis across the state will be paid salary directly through the gov­ernment, thus avoiding the interference of middlemen. Once the process is com­pleted, the pourakarmikas will be able to get all benefits on par with Group TY em­ployees on or before April 2017 and each pourakarmi­ka will get a minimum of Rs 16,000 per month as salary. The government is spending an additional Rs 364 crore towards regularisation of the services of the pourakarmi­kas, he added.

“There are an estimated 35,000 pourakarmikas who are working on a contract basis for the past 15 to 16 years across the state. For more than 15 years they have been cheated by mid­dlemen who gobbled up a major part of their salary and also declined to deposit their PF and ESI duly. In the end, all that a porakarmika got was anywhere between Rs 4,500 and Rs Rs 6,500 in­stead of Rs 9000, or Rs 241 per day as fixed by the state government,” he added.

Taking note of this, the state cabinet has decided to abolish the contract labour system, Narayan said.

Also a decision was tak­en to provide free treatment to all pourakarmikas. In ad­dition to this, financial as­sistance to pourakarmikas of Rs 7.5 lakh including a subsidy of Rs 6 lakh towards construction of houses will be awarded, said Narayan.

Page 4-2‘Law may be amended to absorb pourakarmikas’

“In the Cabinet meeting held on May 4, the committee decided to absorb these pourakarmikas by the end of April 2017. If required, law will also be amended to accommodate all these pourakarmi­kas. Once they are absorbed they will be getting a minimum of Rs 16,000 to Rs 18,000 as salary per month apart from various other facilities including PF and ESI. Till they are absorbed their salary will be sent directly to their account without any delay. As per the revised salary till April 2017, each of the pourakarmiaks who are working in city corporation will be paid Rs 13,000

Narayan – Chairman, Karnataka State Safai Karmachari Commission.


“Central government during its survey mentioned that there were nearly 15,375 manual scavengers across the state. The state government, however, has declined to accept the results of the survey. Hence, a re-sur­vey will be taken up across the state. The re-survey will be taken up in the city from next month. Soon af­ter the manual scavengers are identified, efforts will be stepped up to rehabili­tate them through providing proper education and health facilities to scavengers and their family members,” explained Narayan.

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