State level women’s science convention inaugurated

“India should get to the top position in women empowerment. For that purpose, women should be given higher priority and opportunity,” said former president of state women’s association, Manjula Manasa.

She was speaking after inaugurating the two-day state level women’s science convention at Regional Science Museum, Siddharthanagar on Sunday.

“Women, who were once confined to four walls of a house and supposed to look after the family affairs, are now opening up. There is no field that excludes women. Women are making their mark in cultural, social and political fields and they are on par with men,” she added.

“Women have the ability to change the economic and scientific fields of the nation. They are now a part of the astronauts’ wing and are in military as well. Women should cultivate more scientific mindset. Women should stand united against any sort of harassment. If women are given more opportunities, they will help develop the nation,” she opined.

“Even now, there are plenty of harassment cases. The men have not treated women as an asset in the history and attempts are made to curb the freedom of women. The time has changed and women are no more tools for men to carry their children,” she added.

Karnataka State Science Foundation Secretary Vasundhara Bhupathi, Scientist of Regional Science Museum Dr G N Indresh, Mysuru district Science Foundation president Dr B M Venkatesh, Assistant Secretary T G Premkumar, writer Dr Hema Pattanashetty, Roopa Venkatesh, Sumangala Mummigatti and others were present at the convention.

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