State of affairs at Cheluvamba  leaves Ugrappa fuming

 V S Ugrappa, Chairman of Expert Committee, Prevention of Crime and Sexual Abuse on Women and Children, on Thursday visited Cheluvamba Hospital in Mysuru following media reports of a child from H D Kote tribal hamlet, who was sexually abused and admitted to the hospital.

 Ugrappa was furious with the authorities for not being serious about the whole issue.  On learning that the child was being treated in a general ward despite a special unit for children who are sexually abused, he lost his cool. Taking the officials to  task, he lashed out at Assistant Commissioner of Police and Police Inspector and asked, “Do you think these people do not have any right to protect their dignity in the society? The media has reported the entire issue along with the name of the victim. The child is being treated in a general ward which is something disgusting to hear and you people have no idea about what is happening in the hospital. What kind of responsibilities do you have after a complaint is lodged?”

In reply, the ACP and inspector said, “We work to protect the dignity of these victims. We are planning to detain the accused who is responsible for this act.” Ugrappa asked legal advisor of the cell, Madhu, if she was aware of the incident. The legal advisor replied that she came to know about the incident on Wednesday evening.   “I have been doing my work honestly. I have been providing all the legal assistance for these people.” Not satisfied with the answer, Ugrappa verified the register and came to know that the victim was admitted to the hospital on Monday. “Although the victim was admitted to the hospital on Monday, you are not aware of it. Are you not coming to the hospital regularly?” In reply, the advocate said, “Sir, I come to the hospital every day. Usually, I go to Court by 10.45 am everyday. If I  have any case, I represent it, otherwise these people call and inform me to take necessary steps.”

Earlier, speaking to media persons, Ugrappa said, “Victims are protected by Posco Act. This incident has left us in deep shock. This incident demands an action to be taken against concerned people. I am looking into the issue. I will take necessary steps,” he added.

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