State-wide protest to highlight farmers’ plight

Janandholana Mahamaitri Samiti has decided to stage a state-wide protest demanding solution for the problems faced by farmers due to drought.

At a press meet held on Friday, the committee members demanded that in the session to be held at Belagavi, the drought situation in the state in the last two years must be discussed and the first three days must be completely dedicated to this. They favoured finding scientific solutions for crop loss and demanded special packages for farmers in the form of waiver of loans. They also insisted that the central and state governments should share the financial responsibilities.

“Compensation must be provided to farmers who are facing loss due to drought, flood or water scarcity and also to those who haven’t started cultivation. If not, a minimum amount of Rs 50,000 per acre must be provided to farmers as compensation. Loans taken through farmer and women self-help organisations must be waived,” urged the committee.

“Both the central and state governments have failed to help farmers to overcome these problems. So, the committee has decided to stage a state-wide protest.”

Badagalapura Nagendra, Parashuramegowda, Abhiruchi Ganesh and others were present.


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