Stay away from communal forces: Prakash Rai

Mysuru, April 21:- “Don’t allow communal politics in Karnataka. We have to be aware of those who do politics in the name of caste, religion. Elect better candidates who will make the society better,” said actor Prakash Rai at a press meet at Mysuru press club on Saturday.

“I am a responsible citizen of India. I am creating awareness regarding ‘Just Asking’ campaign to share opinions freely. I am not asking for votes for any party. It is up to the voters. But be aware while casting your vote,” he added.

“Just asking is not a political forum. If anyone becomes a leader based on this movement, they will also become the opposition. I will organise statewide programmes and competition after June. I am not a leftist or a rightist. But the country is living in fear due to politics of extremism and caste politics. India is a nation of multi-religion. The government should be beyond religion. I am not against Hinduism, but politics based on the religion,” he clarified.

“I am scared of what would happen if BJP comes to power. I am worried about the safety of my wife, children and my mother. That’s why I have appointed bodyguards. Many ask me to go to Pakistan. Why should I go? People look like animals to animals,” he taunted MP Pratap Simha.

“I have friends in all the parties. I personally like Siddaramaiah, but I won’t ask people to vote for the Congress. Take Cauvery out of politics. If there is no water in Cauvery, what will you politicise? We have spoilt all the lakes and now taken up Cauvery issue,” he added.

He said that he would not respond to the statements of Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan on Cauvery. (MR/KMR).

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