Steps  on Kukkarahalli after studying the report: DC

“Several steps were taken to develop the Kukkarahalli Lake. But due to the opposition from environmentalists, the activities were stopped and an experts’ committee was formed to analyse the situation of the lake. The report has now been given to us and the next project plans will be based on the report,” said Deputy Commissoner D Randeep.

He was speaking at the meeting held at the court hall of the DC office.

“The lake has a circumference of 4.14 km. It will be developed in a way to help the joggers and walkers. The water sources of the lake will be examined properly. As the drainage water has been stopped from entering the lake, the water level of the lake has reduced drastically. The effects of letting the water into the lake after cleaning it with STP will be discussed,” he said.

“As there was an opposition for de-silting the lake, the effects of it will be analysed. A decision will be taken keeping in mind the ground realities. The impact of it on the living beings in the lake will also be studied,” he said.

Officials related to the Kukkarahalli lake development were present during the meeting.

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