‘Sthreeswara’, unique music programme at Yalandur

It was a unique fusion. The western drums and guitars were having a jugalbandhi with Indian tribal music such as Gorukana Hadu. The foreign musicians were mixing the dual music and the gathered audience were mesmerized by the fusion.

This was the scene at ‘Sthreeswara’ concert held at SDVS Educational Institution, Yalandur. The programme was organised by SDVS Institution and Trians organisation. Tribal, Indian and foreign women performed unique music in the programme.

“Identifying talents among the tribal people and providing them with an international stage is the aim of this programme. Karnataka government and social welfare department have assured us support,” said Arun, founder of Trians organisation.

“We identified the talent of Soligas of BR Hills and we stayed with them for 14 days, learnt their music. We would like to give foreign songs’ touch to this tribal music and providing them an international stage,” he said.

“Five tribal women, 5 Indian musicians, and five foreign lady musicians are in the team. They will be trained by renowned musicians,” he explained.

“This team consists of musicians from USA, Nepal, Sweden, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mysuru. This is the first of these programmes and three more such events will be conducted in Bengaluru in the coming days,” he added.

Founder of SDVS institution P Veerabhadrappa, President Mallikarjunaswamy, Secretary Gangadharaswamy, head mistress Shrithi L, Mallesh of Vivekananda Trust, musicians Larisa, Maya, Janaveef, Sangeetha, Lakshmi, Simran, Malavika, Amrapali, Padma, Bhagya, Kavya, Manjula, Uma, Radhika and others were present.

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