Stop debating, let us try and find solutions

The suicide of M K Ganapathi, Kallappa Handibag, both police officials, and IAS officer D K Ravi issue, suicide attempt by a KAS officer in Hassan, harassment on women officials like C Shikha, Anupama Shenoy and the list goes on. We, the rsesponsible citizen, go for rallies and protests for a week or two, then shift to some other issue completely forgetting about the later.

Many protested and demanded justice for deceased D K Ravi for a few days and then kept numb until Ganapathi’s suicide came to limelight. Again, all these present and past issues have become the topic of discussion. How long will this continue? Until some other problems crop up!

This is our mindset and we can’t deny it. Be it public, law makers, bureaucrats or media, we all talk and discuss about problems but never about solutions.

When it comes to rape, victim is sympathised and the culprit is blamed or vice versa. Reasons for the incident are discussed and punishment for culprit is suggested. But not even 1% of ‘so called concerned class’ comes out with proper solution.

Even after 66 years of being declared as democratic with the world’s largest constitution, we still do not have a strong law for many crimes. Though our pillars of democracy are called free from each other’s clutch, we find the second pillar obliging the first almost all the time with a few exemptions. We are still a developing country since 66 years and one of the major reasons is, problems and its causes are debated but not solutions.

Problems and the causes are discussed starting from one’s home to Parliament but finding solutions are always overlooked. It’s high time we realise that solutions must be analysed. 

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