Stray dogs vaccinated in the city

In a significant move towards curbing stray dog menace in the city, Mysuru City Corporation took up the task of capturing stray dogs roaming on the city roads, on Thursday morning.

It is learnt that as tourist flow will be increasing to Mysuru for the upcoming Dasara, and the increasing number of complaints on stray dog menace, the corporation took over the responsibility of sterilising and vaccinating these dogs at People For Animals (PFA) centre in Roopanagar, Bogadi.

In the operation which started on Thursday morning, anti-rabies vaccination was administered to stray dogs. After the vaccination, these dogs were released in the outskirts of the city, that is, at the Bogadi Ring Road.

The team involved in this task included one driver and three helpers who were seen catching the stray dogs with net without hurting any of these dogs roaming around the city roads.

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