Strike taking toll

KSRTC strike is taking the toll on public convenience.  Adamant unions & intransigent government are taking the public for a ‘royal ride’. Strike notice was served to the management by the workers’ unions well in advance and there was no need for the management to delay their action. When it concerns the pay hike and extending other facilities for themselves, politicians act at such speed, even the speed of light appears slow! It is the irony of Indian democracy, it has created different classes of ‘privileged people’ (?), tax-paying commoners have to bear the brunt at every stage. State government needs to change its stubborn attitude and act to resolve the issue forthwith. People can’t be put to unnecessary inconvenience just to serve the ego of parties concerned. Police should also act tough on autos and cabs fleecing the helpless and battered population. Hope, the government acts suitably.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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