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Music is refreshing, appealing and intriguing. Many eminent personalities from the heritage city have made it to the list of noted musicians and singers. Sundaresh Devapriyam, better known as ‘Munna’ among his peers, is one such budding singer, musician and vocalist, known for his command over various musical instruments and composition skills.

Munna started his journey in the field of music with due encouragement from his parents Mohan Manoraj and Prema Sarojini. It’s their undying support that has taken Munna to dizzy heights. He started his journey at a very young age. He learnt Carnatic music and completed junior examination. With the backing of his parents and passion, he developed love for music that helped him to endure with the process of learning music.

During his school days in Maharshi Public school where he also completed his PUC, he never missed an opportunity to participate and compete in any music and cultural event. The school created a good platform for him to climb the ladder of success and win many accolades.

He participated in every inter-school competition and never missed to bag prizes. He tried his hand in acting and acted in a play. He took up both acting and music composition. For his stupendous performance, he won both best and musician awards.

Soon, he started to act and also sing and play music for various plays for Amarakala Sangha and other plays. Soon after completing PU, he joined Maharaja’s College which created a platform for him to showcase his sporting skills too. He actively participated in various sports activities, while keeping his passion for music and singing intact.

During his final year, along with his other friends, he made a theme song on the historical Maharaja’s College that won appreciation from one and all. He then participated in the University of Mysore inter-collegiate competitions where he won the first prize for the university in Indian and western round and was also selected for south zone fest where he emerged as the runner-up in western round. After completing his B.Com degree from Maharaja College, he set his eyes on post-graduation.

Winning awards after awards during his two-year course continued unabated.  Munna was the cynosure of all eyes when he won both Indian and western rounds in both the years. Besides academics, his musical journey continued. He worked as a part time music director in Rangayana where he composed music for nearly 30 plays. He has around 40-45 compositions to his credit so far.

His sheer talent spurred him to compose music of various genres. The degree of his instrumental perfection and the genius of his playing have made him a matchless musician. He is a master in mandolin, guitar and vocal. He was part of Stone Age Rock band during his degree days. He also started a band called titled ‘Naavu’ along with his friends. He made reentry into the bands and in no time, his band became talk of the town. Munna’s power-packed performances and creation of new genre of music has made him grab a fan base in the city and other places.

He has two albums to his credits and presently, he is working as a music director for a project titled ‘e-Life’. He also has plans to take his band music to all parts of the world.


What is music, according to you?

For me, music is heaven on earth

Among musicians and composers, who inspire you?

All the achievers of music are my favorites.

What do you opine about software-generated music and music programming methods?

Encourage whatever music it is. Choose your liking but don’t compare present-day music with the past. Whatever the genre of music, love and encourage it.

As a musician, what do you suggest to budding musicians?

There is no good or a bad musician. It only matters only at the time of exhibition, so try accordingly and do what you love and aim for success. Follow your heart to choose your career. 

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