Students stage protests against CBSE’s re-examination decision

Prime News, National, New Delhi, March 29:- A group of students staged a protest against the CBSE question paper leaks at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Thursday, demanding either a re-examination of all subjects or none at all.

The Economics question paper of Class XII, held on March 26 and Maths question paper of Class X, held on March 28 were leaked on social media hours before the examination.

Leveling allegations on the CBSE which suggested that more than one question paper was leaked, one protester said, “The CBSE should re-schedule all exams because multiple papers have been leaked, or just apprehend the ones involved and not hold any re-examinations at all, and what guarantee is there that the re-examination papers won’t be leaked. No CBSE official has been arrested yet, they might just leak it again.”

Raising slogans of ‘we want justice,’ one of the agitated students branded the re-examination decision as ‘hanging the students without getting hurt’ and said, “If they wanted to hang someone, hang the CBSE bosses, arrest the CBSE chairman, the leak was done by the CBSE, not the students, then why punish them?”

The All India Democratic Student’s Organisation and the National Student’s Union of India also staged protests against the CBSE for re-scheduling both the examinations.

“The Modi government has become an anti-student government because the government should be directly responsible for lapses in government organisations. Someone should be held responsible from the government, first, the SSC paper leaks happened, now the CBSE paper leaks, why is the government punishing the students over it,” said one protester. –(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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