Students, teachers, get ready for online attendance

The traditional student attendance marking system will soon be history as the entire process will go online soon, eliminating errors and loopholes.

The Department of Higher Education is all set to introduce a new software to register the attendance of both teachers and students online from the next academic year. And the system will be implemented at all the degree colleges across the state.

The decision was taken at a recently held higher education council meeting in Bengaluru to make the data relating attendance of students available online and to keep a tab on irregular teachers and students.

“With computerised attendance system, there will be no room for attendance manipulation and teachers too will have accountability towards the hours of work assigned to them. There will be an absolute transparency in attendance system as the officials from the education department can directly monitor the data,” University of Mysore (UoM) Registrar Prof C Basavaraju told City Today.

He added that the University was keen to introduce the system from the academic year 2016-17.

It was observed that students failed to maintain minimum and mandatory 70 percent attendance which is the eligibility criterion to qualify for the semester examination and somehow they managed to manipulate the attendance, he said.

“As per the Supreme Court rule and UGC guidelines, students must have a minimum 70 percent of attendance to appear for the semester exams while 16 hours, 14 hours and 12 hours of work per week is mandatory for assistant professors, associate professors and professors respectively. The software, besides recording the students and teachers attendance, also keeps a tab on teachers’ working hours,” Prof Basavaraju said.

Students and teachers will be provided with a unique code to register their attendance which could only be done through the department’s computer system. Once the attendance is registered, the same will be updated on a separate web-page of the education department’s website.

“Besides maintaining transparency, the innovative idea would also do away with the tedious and time-consuming task of maintaining and updating of attendance record manually,” Prof Basavaraju added.

The computerised attendance system, however, is already being used in many private institutions where it is handy to track not only the attendance but also the time a lecturer spends in the classroom.

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