Study to evaluate medicinal values of Ganga: Uma Bharti

Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti on Tuesday said the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) will evaluate the “medicinal values” of river Ganga.

“NEERI study will come up with a report evaluating the medicinal values of river Ganga. It will study if there was any medicinal value; if there is any medicinal value, whether it is still there or it has has finished, If it has finished, then how did it finish and due to which elements?” she said

She also said that that Indian Forest Research Institute, Dehradun will come up with a detailed project report (DPR) on the tributaries of Ganga, its biodiversity and catchment area.

“The Forest Research Institute will prepare a DPR on the tributaries of river Ganga, its biodiversity, and catachment area. It will take about one and a half months to prepare the DPR. This is a new document in the history of Ganga,” said the minister.

Uma Bharti also said that NEERI will also come up with a report on the quality of water.

“NEERI report will focus on water quality. For the same, they need three seasons – summer, winter and monsoon – to conduct the research. This report will study the changes in the water and where and how does the river change. They will submit the report after the rains. This is also going to be a new initiative.”

The minister also mentioned another study to be conducted by Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI) on the river’s “aqualife”.

“This study will focus on the aqualife like dolphins, fish and tortoises. It will study when did they exist and how did they got destroyed.

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