Stuttering is not weakness; signature campaign

Mysuru, November 23:- “Stuttering is not a weakness. Structuring should not be considered as a thing to laugh at. Children with stuttering should be supported and filled with confidence,” said Radhika Poovaiah of Samvada speech and hearing organisation of Bengaluru at a press meet here on Wednesday.

“Stuttering is shown as a comedy piece in cinemas. We are conducting signature campaign to stop such cheap jokes. We will collect 10000 signatures and send it to the union minister Smriti Irani,” Radhika said.

“We are aiming at collecting 25,000 signatures in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi by observing walkathon, awareness rallies and seminars,” she added.

She requested people to sign the petition at (MR/KMR).

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