Success mantra: Patience holds the key

Losing a job does certainly not mean that we are incapable. The feeling is completely disastrous but we should all bear in mind that the world has not come to an end. There can be several reasons for losing a job; it may be a recession period, incapability of our managers to identify the talents and map the competencies accordingly, a way of fulfilling a requirement, personal conflicts, wrong hire, inability of the organization to meet the employee’s expectations and sometimes incompetency of the employee. Every time, an employer asks an employee to shake hands and part their ways, a seed of fear grows in the heart of the person being terminated but nurturing that seed is a biggest blunder which leads to closing the door to other opportunities.

The fear of losing, commitments, peer pressure, unable to meet the expected standard of living, financial crunch starts popping in our minds. Can’t we control those thoughts? Are they so uncontrollable? If not today, there is always a tomorrow and a bright day awaits all of us.

The circumstance shall not change by panicking; it may get worse or even may lead to depression. We need to understand that the world outside has a lot of things to offer us. We need to utilize this time effectively to understand what we really want to do and start focusing instead of dwelling on thoughts that would bog us down further more.

Life is beautiful and the world is vast, all we need to see is the brighter aspect of everything and everyone and that is when every circumstance shall turn to our advantage.

Most of us are under an assumption that the job market is too niche to find a job and people with financial constraints are really shattered. Life without a job is a living hell, true but ultimately, we need to learn to let go off things and start concentrating on better things that awaits us. Letting the confidence in us die may only lead us into further painful situations. Mastering the art of patience and creating space to think rationally is the only way to success. We need to understand that, “Failure is the stepping stone to success” and great leaders are born only with the taste of failure.

Analyzing the situation happened may yield results however, dwelling on those thoughts shall not. Human brain can always receive positive and good emotions; they are not trained to anything negative. If we are trying to induce it we need to remind ourselves that we are forcing it. Inhibitions are self-imposed and that will always pull us back and confine our thoughts. Tough situations are the ones that define the true us and we should not shy away from it, Tougher the situation; stronger we become.


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