Success of TB treatment in could be lower than reported

Only 73 per cent of one kind of tuberculosis (TB) cases registered for treatment were successfully treated, much lower than the government-reported 84 per cent success rate, according to a new study published in the US and UK-based health journal Plos Medicine.  Untreated or partially-treated TB patients may infect others, at least partially nullifying India’s attempts to beat back a disease that claims nearly half a million lives every year. Partially-treated TB could also result in drug-resistant TB, a more potent form of the disease that is expensive to treat.

India has more than a quarter of the world’s tuberculosis burden, with an estimated 2.8 million new cases in 2015. Improving TB diagnosis and care within the government system could reduce the spread of TB and TB deaths — 480,000 in 2015. The estimates in the study — authored by a group of researchers, and published on October 25 — are based on WHO data, data from India’s national TB programme and reviews of studies published by researchers.

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