`Such is Life’: A mystic tale of melancholy and irony

The air was abuzz with excited chatter as people moved along to witness the staging of the much awaited Polish drama `Such Is Life.’ For the very first time Bahuroopi had opened its doors to heartily welcome international dramatists. It was indeed a proud moment for us Mysoreans to be able to experience the theatrical magic of the renowned and accomplished Polish actors. The rare reviews of `Mejnun – Madman in Love’ was already doing rounds and people were expecting nothing less magical from ‘Such is Life.’ I, for one, was mildly surprised to see people from all age groups amongst the audience. There used to be a time when dramas used to attract only a select section of audience, but times are changing for the better as one could see both laymen and professional artistes excited to watch the play.

The play began with all the actors stepping into the shoes of the narrator. It was a highly unusual concept which at many levels confounded me. Not being abreast of the Polish culture and traditions it seemed a little alien to me. Three plots were intertwined and were brought alive in a mind boggling manner. It was a beautiful blend of both mime and a musical. They cleverly made use of Polish music to keep the audience engrossed throughout the play.

The storyline was intriguing and kept us on the edge of our seats. The first plot brought out the futility of life where people are chasing unachievable dreams. It splendidly showed the circle of life where man embarks upon an unattainable quest of finding true love. It showcased the irony of life where every lover faces dejection.

`One young man falls in love with a certain young person, and this young person loves another young man, and this young man loves another young person and this young person loves another young man yet again, who loves not her but another young person’. This was the gist of the very first plot and I was gob smacked by this highly bewildering tale of unrequited love. Each one of them writhes in agony and eventually dies a painful death. The first plot justifies and suits the title `Such is Life’ aptly.

The second plot brings out a sense of patriotism and love for one’s motherland. It personifies one`s motherland as a woman. ‘The motherland is a woman. Like me…Like us. You love another woman it means you are unfaithful to the first one. I want the word `motherland’ to stimulate nerve centers not only in orthodox fundamentalist or cossac ataman I want everyone to like it. Particularly those who distribute and confirm budgets!’

This was a highly evolved concept of considering one`s land as one`s very own mother. The attribution of motherly qualities to one`s country is a heart-touching concept and the Poles are known for being ardently devoted to their motherland.

The third plot was difficult to comprehend as it was an amalgamation of varied overlapping emotions. It was multilayered and one had to dig in deep in order to digest this muddled up concept of people spending their lives with the sole purpose of sabotaging others. Man had lost himself in this circus called ‘life’ and had lost his identity. He had committed so many sins that it created a void that could never be filled. No penance or act of atonement could undo his appalling actions. So with a guilty conscience he picks up life from where he had left and continues with a darkened soul and such is the story of life.

It urges one to pause for a moment and introspect. It was an overwhelming experience and I found myself triggered by various emotions. It was an enchanting night of melancholy and irony and I was left dazed by it. Kudos to the director, Powel Szkotak and cheers to the actors from T B P Troupe, Poland.

  • Pratheeksha G


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