Such is the ‘naked’ truth

In a severe embarrassment to the ruling Congress government, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait on Thursday was caught watching explicit videos on his cell phone at a stage programme held to mark Tipu Jayanti in Raichur.

Unaware that the third eye was watching, Sait was watching the videos. Little did the minister know he would make it to the headlines across the state.

When questioned, his reply was all the more bizarre. Sait said he was browsing the news of Tipu Jayanti across the state when a TV was prominently screening what the minister was doing. When he was asked again, the minister tried to sidestep saying, “We stay away from home for months, please do not read too much into it.”

With all the controversy surrounding Tipu Jayanti, the issue is likely to hit the ruling part in the state hard. Over to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Acting swiftly, the opposition BJP hit out at the minister’s act and demanded his resignation.

Sait makes it all the more embarrassing as he is from namma Mysuru.

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