SUCI condemns hike in fuel prices

Mysuru, January 7:- Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) has condemned the hike on fuel tax by the state coalition government.

“Fuel prices are decreasing in the international market. It has made the common people to heave a sigh of relief. Nationwide protests were held on September 10. The state and central governments reduced the tax on fuel, but now the Karnataka government has increased the tax and this is affecting the people,” said district secretary of the party B Ravi in a press release.

“Fuel prices have increased by Rs 2. Public are paying a tax of 100% for fuel. We condemn this decision of the state government,” he added.

Ravi said that the party condemns the state government’s decision to hike the fuel prices and called upon the people to fight against the price hike. (SH, NGB)

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