Summer is here, bring out your shades!

According to met experts, it is going to be hotter with the temperatures touching 35 degrees.

Naganahalli Research Station: With the conclusion of Mahashivaratri festival, summer has officially set in the city with the temperature hovering between 33.8 degree Celsius and 34.2 degrees Celsius. And the bad news is that it is going to be hotter with the temperatures touching 35 degrees. Bad news is that it is going to get hotter.

According to officials at the Organic Farming Research Station, Naganahalli, March 8, the day after Mahashivaratri, recorded a temperature of 34.2 degrees Celsius. According to a popular belief in the region, Mahashivaratri heralds the beginning of summer. The temperatures have seen a steady rise from 33.8 degrees Celsius on March 5 to 34.6 on March 7.

The minimum temperature too is on the rise from 15.5 on March 5 to 19.1 recorded on March 8. The relative humidity stood between 61 to 70 percent (08:30 Hours) and between 22 percent and 31 percent (17:30 Hours).

There won’t be any rainfall from March 9 to 11 in Mysuru district. The day temperature is expected to be 34-35 degrees Celsius and night temperature is expected to be 19-20 degrees Celsius.

The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 72-76 per cent and afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range 23 to 30 per cent. Wind speed expected to be 0-2 km/ hour.

For livestock management, farmers have been advised to cover the roof of the sheds with 4 to 6 inches thick haystack to lower the temperature especially during peak hours. They also have been advised to maintain proper ventilation in the sheds.

Regarding poultry, due to high temperature there might be a drop in feed intake and the weight of the eggs might see a drop and the shell quality might deteriorate. Poultry farmers have been advised to maintain optimum temperature between 18 degrees and 29 degrees Celsius for better production.

Due to increase in day temperature between 34°C to 35°C dropping of fruits in mango trees will be witnessed. Farmers have been advised to manage this by giving adequate quantity of irrigation water (or go for drip irrigation where ever possible).

Statistics from March 5 to 8

Parameter 05.03.16 06.03.16 07.03.16 08.03.16
Max. temp (°C) 33.8 33.5 34.6 34.2
Min.Temp (°C) 15.5 18 21.1 19.1
Relative humidity (%)08:30 hours 61 72 72 70
Relative humidity (%)17:30 hours 22 27 22 31

Weather forecast March 9 to 11

Parameter 09.03.16 10.03.16 11.03.16
Max. temp (°C) 34 35 35
Min.Temp (°C) 19 20 19
Relative humidity (%)08:30 hours 72 74 76
Relative humidity (%)17:30 hours 30 28 23

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