Support for Afghan Taliban increasing in Pakistan

Prime News, International, Terrorism, Kabul, July 24:- As the battle rages in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan forces, there is increasing support for the Taliban in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

There are also indications of Pakistani nationals fighting in Afghanistan and several of them returning injured and some dead bodies being sent back. This has further charged the sentiments of local youth in the region who have been offering their services to fight in Afghanistan.

Intelligence sources say when the bodies of local youth are brought back to Pakistan, there is a well laid-out ceremony conducted involving elders from the community and religious leaders. This procedure has been refined by local Afghan leaders based in Pakistan at the instance of the Pakistan Army with the aim of generating strong sentiments in favour of the so-called “martyrs” and ensure more recruitment.

Some local leaders who have become weary of war over the years have been averse to such activities as they feel this is another effort on behalf of the Pakistan Army to create a narrative that would drag youths to fight another war in Afghanistan on behalf of the Pakistani Army. Some of these individuals feel that they should not lose another generation to war in Afghanistan. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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