Support staff of Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully deliver healthy baby at wee hours

Mysuru, May 25:- Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru, a unit of Manipal Hospital, successfully delivered a healthy baby with the support staff at wee hours recently, with the guidance of Dr Madhura Pathak, Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

28-year-old R G Kavyashree, an expectant mother who was a regular visitor at the hospital for consultation, was admitted at the hospital prior to her delivery date. When she started to develop labour pain in the wee hours after being admitted at the hospital, the physician assistant and support staff realised that they cannot delay the delivery as the mother had unbearable pain. A team led by Hemavathi, a physician assistant in the gynecology department along with Shirin, a nurse of the labour ward and Pallavi, a nurse of Neo natal ICU got into action and assisted the woman to deliver a healthy baby. The staff were guided by Dr Madhura Pathak when she was on her way to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr Madhura Pathak reached the hospital in the wee hours and took charge of the situation. She said the training imparted in management of critical situation and pre-delivery guidance helped the team handle the situation in professional manner.

Kavyashree thanked the support staff of the hospital for extending excellent medical care that to during an emergency and also the gynecologist for her timely guidance. The mother and baby are doing well now. (NAV)

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