Susheela Mehta from Agra Gharana to perform in city

Good news for the music lovers in city as they have an opportunity to witness Vidushi Susheela Mehta, a well known vocalist of Agra Gharana who will perform in city on  July 31 at Nadabramha Sangeetha Sabha.

Pt Taranath Foundation, known for presenting popular programmes is organising this for the benefit of music lovers in Mysuru.

Susheela Mehta has mastered various techniques of this gayaki, like nom-tom, alaap, raag vistaar, bol-taan, layakari taan, drut bandeshes and very fast taranas. Listeners sit in rapt attention whenever Susheela performs, and her singing in the fast mode is an enchanting experience.

Susheela’s mellifluous voice and refined singing style have earned her a top place among cognoscenti. A concert by her attracts a discerning and disciplined audience. She has received critical acclaim from musicologists wherever she has presented her programme.

Artist’s profile

Coming from a music family of renowned artists like Parvathi Bai Ullal and Lalita Ubhayaker, Susheela is a law graduate from the University of Bangalore, with five gold medals.

 Susheela’s gifts in music were noticed at an early age. She was put under the tutelage of a great master, late Pt Ram Rao Naik of the Agra Gharana, who had learnt from Ustad Ata Hussain Khan and Swami Vallabhdas. Susheela’s training with him lasted for nearly 20 years. Susheela had the good fortune to be guided by the late Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan, a doyen of the same Gharana, while in Mumbai. At present, she is honing skills under the renowned singer, Lalith J Rao, who is a disciple of the same maestros.

 She  has given performances both in India and abroad. She has toured countries like U.S.A., Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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