Suspension of 8 MPs symbol of dictatorship: Sachin Pilot

'Anti-farmer' bills were passed by suppressing the Opposition's voice, says Pilot

Prime News, National, Agriculture, Farmers, Jaipur, September 22:- Former Rajasthan deputy chief minister (DCM) Sachin Pilot on Monday (September 21) said the centre has passed “anti-farmer” bills in the Rajya Sabha by suppressing the voice of the Opposition but the Congress is standing with farmers and will continue their fight.

Condemning the suspension of eight Rajya Sabha MPs, the Congress leader said it was symbolic of dictatorship.

“After passing the bills in the Rajya Sabha in an undemocratic manner, the decision to suspend 8 Rajya Sabha MPs today is a symbol of utter dictatorship,” Pilot tweeted in Hindi.

Our parliamentary traditions were not like this. Rather they have been respectful of deliberation, consent and disagreement, he said.

Pilot said the “anti-farmer” bills were passed by suppressing the Opposition’s voice which was condemnable.

Why does the BJP not care for farmers? The Congress party stands with the farmers of the country and we will continue their fight, he said. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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