Suttur Mutt seer inaugurates Sri Basaveshwara Mutt

 In an attempt at extending social service, a new branch of Sri Male Mahadeshwara Temple and Sri Basaveshwara Mutt was inaugurated by Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamy here on Tuesday.

Pontiffs belonging to Veerashaiva community had gathered from across the state. With the help of local residents, a Tamil-Nadu based pontiff Shankara Devaru started Basaveshwara mutt in 1993 providing free job training courses to people from poor background, women transcending barriers of caste and religion. As part of the event Shankara Devaru was sworn in as the seer of Basaveshwara mutt.

Addressing a huge gathering after the inauguration of the event, Suttur seer Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamy lauded the veerashiva mutts for their contribution towards the field of education. As a result, the state of Karnataka has been able to achieve better in literacy compared to the other states. Thus, the role of mutts cannot be denied, he said.

All the mutts have been serving the society by spreading the teachings of Basavanna, a social reformer of the twelfth century, he added.

The seer noted that Basaveshwara’s thoughts were relevant for all time. Faith in god helps one to have a calm mind and beat stress. A mind which is at peace can strive for the welfare of the society.

Inaugurating the mutt on the day of Mahaveer Jayanti testifies to the religious harmony.

MLA Tanveer Sait, MCC Councilor B M Nataraj, BJP leader H V Rajiv, former mayor Ayub Khan and pontiffs including that of Siddaganga Mutt junior seer Sri Siddalingaswamy, Kanakapura Degula Mutt Mummadi Nirvana Swamy, Devanuru Guru Malleshwara Mahasamstana Dasoha Mutt seer Mahanta Swamy, Vatalu Sooryasimhasana Mutt seer Siddalinga Shivacharya Swamy and others were present.

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