Suvarnavathi river likely to dry out soon

Though the dam across Suvarnavati River at Attugoolipura, Yalandur, near Tamil Nadu border gets filled, water is not released to the river. The river gets filled only during floods. Farmers of the region are worried as they will be soon facing unavailability of potable water and water for agriculture purpose.

Every year, water is supplied to Agara Lake through Kabini canal. Due to this water supply, villages around Yalandur were having enough water even in summer. But this year, water is not supplied from Kabini canal. If water is not supplied, including Yalandur town, villages on the riverside will face drought like situation. Wells, bore wells of the villages are already drying out. Due to lack of rain, farmers have not taken up farming activities.

Currently, water from Kabini is merging with a river near Maddur village. If it is made to merge with the river near Homma village, ground water level will increase and people will get enough water. If not, all the water sources will get dried up. Or else there won’t be any source of water for the river. Though public and farmers have contacted officers of water supply department, it is said that there wasn’t any proper response.

“If elected representatives do not force the officials to release water to the river, villages will be drought-hit in few months. Officials should understand the problem and respond as soon as possible,” said advocate Rangaprasad, in a press meet, recently.

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