SVYM organises Patient get-together to mark National Breast cancer awareness month


Mysuru, November 02:-To mark the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month -2017, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement’s Palliative Care Programme together with the Department of Oncology, K R Hospital, had organized a Patient Get together Event for breast cancer survivors on October 30 at Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development (V – LEAD), Mysuru.

Patients from in and around Mysuru participated in the event. As many as 30 patients and their family members took part.

Dr Mukesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology, K R Hospital inaugurated the event in the presence of Mr. Ramakrishna Mudre, Hon Director, Palliative Care Programme and SVYM.

Dr M R Seetharam, President, SVYM, Mysuru, urged the cancer survivors to be undeterred and to tap their inner strength to face the disease and overcome it. Highlighting the importance of being self reliant, Dr Seetharam said: “Everyone of us faces crisis in our lives. In the face of challenges, we should not bog down but instead accept it and then trust oneself to handle the challenge. The moment we trust ourselves, magic happens, several avenues open up that will boost us to tackle our crisis.”

He urged the cancer survivors to form groups, share their stories which would boost their morale and also strengthen them to face the disease with rigour. He encouraged them to be part of SHGs and start saving.

Physiotherapist Deepa said that exercises were crucial in managing cancer, post surgery. She demonstrated simple exercises that breast cancer survivors should do regularly to reduce pain and increase agility of the body.

The women shared their experiences during the course of their illness. The group activities helped them to increase their self confidence and ability to lead a normal life. The enthusiasm of the participants was palpable.

Students and teachers from Queens School of Design, Mysuru, demonstrated different ways of grooming to cope with hair loss and surgical removal of breast. The students did a catwalk exhibiting myriad head gears that women cancer survivors can use to battle hair loss and be at ease. They also walked with the cancer survivors bringing a smile on their faces.

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