Swach Bharat Abhiyan: Will it be a reality?

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, one of the most renowned quotes and something that is taught to each one of us at a very early stage of our lives. But, how many of us do follow it in reality?

However, in the current day scenario, it looks like we do not understand the quintessence of this particular quote. No matter how old we become there are some basic manners that we should always remind ourselves of. It is disturbing to know that a literate country like ours does not understand the basic hygiene factors. It is disheartening to see people spoiling their own surroundings they live in. It is annoying to know these are the people who would in turn blame the society and the government conveniently for not taking any measures to keep the surroundings clean.

It is just not our surroundings but also some of the tourist destinations are equally spoilt by us. Despite the government conducting several campaigns on cleanliness, there is a sort of disconnect when it comes to implementation. Being responsible citizens of a country it becomes our duty to imbibe and educate our fellow beings, instead of blaming the whole system.

We always compete with each other to get better results. It can be between two individuals or a group of people or two nations. There have been nationwide conflicts for several reasons. There have been discussions among people to understand and implement best practices followed. People fight with each other to make their country better, but at the same time we should always remember that healthy competitions between people or nations makes the world a better place for all of us and just not competition.

Cambodia, an under-developed country, has toilet facilities in the buses and a developing country like us finds different ways to dirty nature. Japan is one such country where students do not have exams as they go through the basic and the most important life skills, part of the basic etiquette and manners. They do not appoint janitors to clean their schools, instead they are taught to maintain it all by themselves. What do we do? We learn it as part of our curriculum, study it as another core subject, take examinations, get evaluated and finally forget the fundamentals conveniently.

There have been instances people littering right in front of the boards. “Disposal of waste in this area will lead to penalty”, they would read, smile at the board and dump bags of garbage and leave. Sites which are vacant have turned into dust-bins. People living in the neighbourhood also enjoy throwing away garbage next door even without realising that they are inviting heaps of them from others. Government bodies can only bring laws but the implementation is in our hands. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can only become successful when each one of us strictly adheres to it and also by educating others.


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