SWR Mysuru division: Group C, D employees joyous over hike in financial aid

 Under the Social Security Scheme, financial assistance to them has been increased from Rs 75,000 to Rs one lakh

As the employees of South Western Railways (SWR), Mysuru division, were soaked up in the Railway Week celebrations on Thursday, the hike in the benefits of self-financing scheme ‘Social Security Scheme’ for group C and D employees of the division had put an extra smile on their faces.

The Mysuru division had increased the financial assistance to the group C and D employees from Rs 75,000 to Rs one lakh starting from April, in case of death if the serving employees. The amount, besides the settlement amount from the railways, would be credited to immediate kin of the deceased the day kin submits the death certificate.

In SWR, Mysuru division is the only division that assists the family of the dead with the highest amount. There are nearly 7,000 employees in Mysuru division who come under the scheme.

Under the scheme, an amount of Rs 75 have to be contributed by the group C and D employees every month and in case of death of the employee, his or her family would get an amount of Rs one lakh as assistance in addition to the final settlement.

Explaining about the scheme, Senior Divisional Personnel Officer, Mysuru division, SWR, Srinivas Raghavan, who is in-charge of the scheme told City Today that the scheme was introduced to help the bereaved family members during their time of difficulty.

“Families of the deceased need more financial assistance within three months of the death as the employee won’t receive the salary. The final settlement amount would take at least three month to process and the family of the deceased will be deprived of money and hence living could be tough. Hence, the scheme comes into their rescue as the amount will be given to the family on the day they submit the death report,” he added.

The scheme was introduced in mid 70s and till now the family of the deceased would get an amount of Rs 75,000 which now has been increased to Rs one lakh from this month.

The employees have welcomed the decision of the division to increase the assistance amount to Rs one lakh saying it would benefit their families during the time of difficulty.

Blurb: Senior Divisional Personnel Officer, Mysuru division, SWR, Srinivas Raghavan said that the assistance amount was increased by Rs 25,000 considering the current cost of living and the contribution amount from the employees had been kept untouched to avoid burdening them.

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