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Take care of your direct warriors – feet

Feet are the direct warriors which fight with dirt, pollution, age-counting, infections, and high-heel pain on a regular basis — and so it is important to pamper your feet the way you do to your face.
Here we list some handy tips to keep in mind to avoid “dirty”, “cracked” and “sweaty” feet.

  • It’s important to notice foot fungus at an early stage. Carefully follow complete procedures as instructed by a verified expert.
  • After washing properly with a medicated soap, apply a foot cream that not only has skin-hydrating lubricants to keep your feet soft and free from cracks and dryness. Look for moisturisers with AHA or lactic acid.
  • Try to keep your foot nails short which are good to carry everyday with minimal dirt in it.
  • Cracked feet are also a sign of dehydration. Along with daily water intake, try to include more fruits and vegetables in your routine. Try to avoid or cut down coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • Continuous habit of good scrubbing is a natural way to prevent common foot problems like cracked heels and tired feet. Rough feet are never pretty and you certainly want your skin to feel as beautiful as the shoes you are stepping into. It doesn’t mean you have to sit at a parlour every week. Try pumice stone, bristle brush and exfoliating creams at home only.
  • Don’t have time to visit a spa or salon? You can prepare a foot mask for cracked and dry feet. Add two table spoons of powdered oatmeal, 1/2 table spoon honey, 1/2 table spoon olive oil, make a thick paste and apply it. Leave it on for the next half an hour. Rinse properly and complete it with good massage with nice moisturiser.

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