Take part in any art to stay away from hatred: Minister V Somanna

Somanna inaugurates Heritage Games Competition in Mysuru

Mysuru, October 3:- “Human beings should take part in any of the art forms. It will keep them away from anger and hatred,” said District in-charge Minister V Somanna.

He was speaking after inaugurating Heritage Games Competition organised by Heritage Museums Department and Heritage Department at Dasara Exhibition Ground here on Thursday.

The minister played a game of dice with Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha.

“This shows the talent in kids, patience in elderly people and skills in middle aged. These are the contributions of our ancestors. I was an expert in ‘gilli danda.’ We were playing lagori, alaguli mane games,” the minister recalled his childhood days.

“Every household in villages used to play these games. These games have no discrimination. We have protected these games. Such games are essential in the present society. I can defeat anyone in ‘alaguli mane.’ The officials of Heritage Department have showed what all they can do,” he added.

Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath, BJP leader HV Rajeev, deputy director of Heritage Department Nirmala Matapathy and others were present. (MR/KS)

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