Take pledge to protect Kannada: Rameshwari Verma

“The government officials and bank employees should use Kannada extensively to protect Kannada,” said Rajyotsava award winner Rameshwari Verma.

She was speaking after taking part in the Kannada Rajyotsava programme held at the Ganabharati auditorium on Friday evening, organised by the State Bank of Mysuru.

‘With the change in syllabus in primary and high schools from next year, Kannada language will be adversely affected say experts. It is not only the question of Kannada, but also a threat to all the regional languages. It is the duty of Kannadigas to take pledge to protect Kannada,” she opined.

“Even if the children study in English medium, it is not possible to connect emotionally with others while using English. But the mother tongue enables one to express his feelings well. Being an English teacher and an artist, I have felt that often,” she added.

“The European countries do not consider the Indian English as a standard even today. Parents should stress upon the importance of conversing in Kannada and should make one not to feel inferior about speaking Kannada,” she added.

Rameshwari Verma, renowned musician H S Yadugiri were felicitated. Deputy General Manager of State Bank of Mysore, Mysuru region, K Srinivas, officials Sriramulu, Raghavendra, K P Mahadevakumar and others were present.

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