Take serious action

It is clear from the news of seizing newly introduced currency notes of Rs. 2000 denomination and old Rs. 100 notes worth crores of rupees and several kgs of gold from officials and their associates that they are not deterred by whatever checks government is introducing to stop such practices and finding ways and means to retain their wealth accumulated through illegal means. One side common man is suffering to draw even one note of Rs. 2000 and to get change for it. Even if you manage to get one from an ATM and the other side corrupt people are accumulating crores of rupees either in higher or lower denomination. Surely it might be the black money earned by illegal means. This raises a question whether bribery can be eradicated from this country or not. There should be a limit for greed! Government should have incorporated the chip in the new currency. It looks that this is the only easy way to detect such huge holdings of unaccounted cash from the culprits. Government should also take serious action against the officials who helped them to convert their black money into white within a short span of demonetization of old currency of higher denomination.

Dr. S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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