Take steps to prevent ruckus at petrol bunks: Sashikala

“The government’s decision to dispense currency notes to customers has converted into despair with majority of customers are coming only for the sake of change amount,” said Sashikala Nagaraj, president of Federation of Mysuru Petroleum and Dealers.

“A minimum of Rs 50,000 is required per day against the current Rs 24,000 provided by RBI. People are visiting petrol bunks, demanding huge change amounts which are leading to chaos at almost every petrol station. If this situation continues, there is no other way than closing the stations,” she said.

“In a single day, almost Rs 290 crore was dispersed throughout India through petrol bunks. In Mysuru, two petrol bunks situated at Hebbal and Anuguru are dispensing currency notes. Government must take immediate charges to prevent ruckus at petrol bunks,” she added.

Govinderaju, Narayanaswamy, Ranjith Hegde, Basavegowda and others were present at the press meet.

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