Take stern action

Recently several tons (55,000 bags) of adulterated red chilli power worth crores of rupees were unearthed in Guntur, which is famous for Guntur variety of chilli. This is in addition to the bags thrown on the roads some time back. Huge stocks of such adulterated powder were seen in cold storage godowns in Guntur district. Bad elements of the society for want of quick money are manufacturing the chilli powder using low quality discoloured chillis or stems and adulterating it with highly toxic red oxide,  to get bright red colour and selling it at higher price as a good quality chilli powder. This type of powder is used as an additive in furnaces in China. Involvement of local traders is also suspected. As the health of consumers of such adulterated chilli powder is at stake public are advised not to buy such items in loose and health officials should take this seriously and initiate necessary action of the culprits.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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