Take up Consumer Protection Bill in the next Parliament session

By Dr Bhamy V Shenoy
Mysuru, March 2:- Consumer Voice, a well-known consumer protection NGO from New Delhi which publishes a monthly magazine giving an in-depth technical and economic analysis of some consumer products, has started a petition to urge all the political parties to pass the Consumer Protection Bill (CPB 2018) when the new Parliament meets after the election.
CPB 2018 was passed by the Lok Sabha on Dececember 20, 2018. Bill was actually tabled in 2015. However, Raja Sabha did not pass the bill and the new Parliament has to take this up. Unless we the citizens show interest, the new Parliament irrespective of which combination of parties come to rule is unlikely to take an interest. What a shame that even after the passage of four long years, we have failed to have a progressive Consumer Protection Act to replace the one of 1986.
Please take time to sign the petition. Some efforts have been made in the past to get signatures for the petition, but none achieved the critical mass of at least one lakh signatures ( even one lakh is not much to speak of in a society where crores are active on the social network). We all talk about how social network plays an important role. Can anything be more important than helping the consumers who face problems every day while buying goods and services either from the public or private sectors?
We need a new Consumer Protection Act and let us work together to get at least one lakh signatures. Please sign the petition and then forward it to your friends asking them to sign and forward to their friends.

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