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Talent speaks for itself

Talent doesn’t need a trumpet. It speaks for itself. Have you ever met Surya Bharadwaj? The first thing that strikes you is the ever-pervading innocent look on his face. It is something that can’t escape one’s attention.  All of 24, Surya is the face of Generation Next and the one to be watched closely in the world of music in the next couple of years. When you ask him about all forms of music, he is all at ease to explain the intricacies that go with it.

There is an interesting to tale pertaining to Surya’s musical journey. Though he did not inherit music, Surya, as a kid, would always love to listen to film songs, be it Hindi, Tamil or Kannada. He used to sing, while a song was being played. “When I was in my high school, I had a small toy keyboard. I used to play the tunes of the songs I listened to. I used to play the tunes of some movies and songs. Then I joined guitar classes to further his interest. I had learnt a few songs and basics of western music by the time I completed my guitar classes. I wanted to learn more. Besides Indian music, I got to learn something about Rock, Metal and Blues,” he sets the tone conversation.

With his priorities written on the wall, Surya was determined to take a giant step. “I got more interested in guitar after I started listening to these styles of music because these styles had a lot of artists and songs which had different sounds and ways of musical expressions which I had not heard before. These styles involve lot of guitar skills and techniques. I started browsing internet to enhance my knowledge.”

That he started practising guitar for more than eight hours day put Surya in the right direction. When one of his friends asked Surya if he would be interested in playing for a band, the offer looked exciting. Electric guitars, drums and vocals and jamming took him to a new world. Though he played as a Bass guitarist for a band called Confessional, Surya always wanted to be a Lead guitarist. Given his determination, nothing seemed impossible. He got to play guitar for some of the bands but destiny had other thoughts.

When nothing was going his way, Surya felt, ‘Enough is enough, let me decide what I need to do.’ This is when his career as a musician started blossoming. To give proper dimension to his plans, Surya has started GSS School of Music and Technology.  The 25-year-old has a Diploma in Audio Engineering. “I have been experimenting with different genres and styles of music which include Ambient, Progressive Metal, Progressive Trance, House, Psychedelic Trance, Chillout and Patriot.” The list is growing…

 “Currently, I am working for a commercial Kannada movie called Sidewing in the following fields: Music direction, background score and sound design. The movie is slated for release in 2018.” Surya is also working on an album called Vibe Sensitive with his brother Vishnu.

The youngster firmly believes in experimenting with music. That he wants to be a better musician makes it all the more challenging for the Mysurean who feels there is a lot to be achieved. Every day, according to him, is a different learning experience.

At his music school in Kuvempunagar, Surya and his brother offer courses in guitar, keyboard, jal tarang, music production and audio engineering. “We teach both Indian and Western music based on the interest of the students. We also train students in composition and arrangement. Once they complete the course here, students will be capable of making their own music once they complete their course here.”

Surya has never put a step wrong since he entered the world of music. Though it is too early to predict what is in store, given his willingness to learn things the hard way makes Surya a different customer altogether.

Famous he may not be, famous he can be. But right now, it is practice, practice and practice which is the order of the day. Maybe a small price one has to pay to make it count.

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