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Talk on changing business education held at SDMIMD in Mysuru

Mysuru, October 19:- “Accreditation status, ranking in the surveys, faculty degree level, quality of research output, research citation index, courses offered, students graduated, teaching evaluation of students have become core in the current educational context in global scenario,” said Sheb True, professor of marketing, Interim Director – MBA Programmes, Colleges of Business, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, USA.

Delivering his keynote address during the international conference on marketing organised by Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatehwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) in the city on Friday, he said, “Studying or teaching a popular course is right, but everybody will be learning the same. So, what is the differentiator? How we change what we do? Should be the focus of the institutions or university.” The address introduced various studies on the keynote topic and the speaker shared the resources. He also focused on relooking at the value created by business education and how globally business education is changing.

Gayathri, deputy director and professor – Marketing, SDMIMD, who also spoke on the occasion, said when marketing has shifted from product-driven to customer-driven, the discussion and deliberation on the ‘value-driven’ is more appropriate as value-driven is oriented for a customer in a value chain.

Dr Jayakrishnan, conference chair, presented the theme of the conference and said over the years marketing moved from product-centric era to human-centric era. “Marketers need to identify, understand the anxieties and desires of the consumers to fulfill their needs. The Triple Bottom Line Concept is being embraced by several firms bringing together – economic value, environmental health and social progress. In the current changing market environment, the objective of ‘International Conference on Marketing’ is to provide a platform for the industry, marketing practitioners and academia to share their knowledge and experiences of marketing in the value-driven marketing” he added.

The conference attracted more than 40 research papers on the conference theme and the papers were presented during the track sessions. Technical sessions were also part of the conference.

Aditya Singh, head – Jewellery International Business, Titan Company Limited and  Nagachethan S M, senior vice president  and product head, Chaitanya (CRIDS), delivered the technical session talk. (MR)


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