Talk on ‘Social Media and Youth’ held at Sheshadripuram College

AIDYO Youth Association is organising its 4th state level youth convention in Mysuru on September 22 and 23. As a sequel to this, a discussion on ‘Social Media and Youth’ was held at Sheshadripuram PU College, recently.

Renowned writer Na Divakar and vice-president of AIDYO, M Umadevi were the panelists for the discussion.

Speaking on the occasion, Divakar said, “Social media has reached all over the globe. Earlier it was used for interaction between two persons. Now, it has become essential for all walks of life. Today everything is available in internet easily. Youth are liking and sharing posts in social media without even reading them properly. They are losing their sensitivity about social issues.”

“Social media has both positive and negative impact on youth. It also displays vulgarity and misleads the youth. Celebrities are highlighted and the real problems of the society are not concerned in the social media. On the other side, it spreads new and innovative ideas and helps to bring positive changes in the society. During the Nirbhaya incident and anti-corruption movement, social media played a crucial role,” said AIDYO state vice-president M Umadevi.

This was followed by an interaction session. Avinash and Kalavathi of AIDYO, and more than 200 students of Sheshadripuram College were present.

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