Tata ClassEdge partners with two schools in city

Launches ‘Cosmos,’ an ecosystem of learning solutions in Vijaya Vittala Vidyashala School and Ideal Jawa Rotary School.

TATA ClassEdge, a leading provider of innovative technology-based learning solutions for schools partnered with two prominent educational institutions in Mysore, Vijaya Vittala Vidyashala School and Ideal Jawa Rotary School, to introduce ‘Cosmos’, an ecosystem of solutions developed over the last five years. Cosmos will offer end-to-end support for academic needs and assist students in developing a discerning mind through critical thinking. The two schools will use the Cosmos solutions from the upcoming academic year. The teachers will be equipped with professional development by experts to use Cosmos, which will ensure engaged and effective classrooms along with data-rich systems.

The solution includes Learning Experiences, a digital classroom aid for teachers; Thinking About Values, a values and life skills curriculum; PlanEdge and TestEdge for easy academic planning and assessments; School Connect for parent and school communication; Hands-on Learning kits for science and mathematics and English lab for improved communication. Nirav Khambhati, CEO of Tata ClassEdge, said: “It is a great honour for us to partner with two leading schools in Mysore and offer our latest solution, ‘Cosmos’. We are glad that these schools have recognised the benefits of the integrated learning approach of Cosmos and have put their complete faith in us.

At Tata ClassEdge, our aim has been to improve the education system in India and empower not only teachers, but students and parents as well.” R Vasudev Bhat, Secretary of Vijaya Vittala Vidyashala said: “We share a common philosophy with Tata ClassEdge of transforming school education. This association will further help us achieve our goals in developing our teaching methodology and imparting knowledge in an innovative manner to our students. We look forward to continue working with Tata ClassEdge and keep introducing newer teaching technologies for our teachers, parents and students.” Cosmos is a one-stop solution for parents to be connected with the school and their child. The integrated approach will help the students in enhanced understanding of the concepts, leading to improved outcomes.


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