Teach core subjects in Kannada: Prof Kambara

Professors must take initiatives to teach science and classical subjects in Kannada language to students which would result in developing the inquisitive nature of every student, said Jnanpith awardee Prof Chandrashekara Kambara.

He was delivering the inaugural address at the two-day UGC-sponsored national seminar on Contemporary Kannada literature: Challenges and new model, organised jointly by SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, Graduate Kannada Teachers’ Association and University of Mysore (UoM). 

Prof Kambara said, “The influence of globalisation and devise of commercialisation has brought about a tremendous change in the contemporary Kannada literature. If we consider foreign languages or literature in contemporary world, there is an interdisciplinary connection between literature and other subjects. But in Kannada, there is lack of classical literature. A musician lacks knowledge on what is happening in literature field and a writer lacks knowledge on what’s happening in music field. There is no much research or prominent study taking place on classical literature. In the context of Indian literature, writers have shown more importance to literature and grammar but not much on classical literature and science subjects.”

“In present day, there is use of English in every conversation. Though there are various regional languages in the country, we communicate in English only. With the invent of latest technology, European parliament has adopted a system where if a member of parliament speaks in his  regional language, it gets translated to other languages of their concerned region which can be heard by other members of parliament. This system is essential for Indian Parliament,” he added.

“Only when science subjects are taught in Kannada, students can become more creative, think with more inventiveness to become future scientists or scholars. In this regardm professors play a significant role,” Prof Kambar said.

Later delivering the key note address, critic and writer Prof Narahalli Balasubramanya said, “Modern education in its first stage resulted in making students lose their creativeness and their basic skills. The present education system is pulling back the humanities subject which is resulting in loss of creativity among students.  In the name of progress and development, everything is becoming human centric. We need to look into this and introspect ourselves.”

Writer and critic Prof Giriddi govindaraju, Principal of Mahajana First Grade College Prof K V Prabhakara, President of Mahajana’s Education Institute R Vasudevamurthy, Secretary Dr Vijayalakshmi Muralidhar, Dr H R Thimmegowda and others were present. 

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