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Teacher by education, cop by profession

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” The success story of Shilpa is similar to this phrase. She passed the police constable exam in 2015 and joined the Police Training School in Mysuru as one of  the 252 women aspirants. On August 8, Shilpa won the Overall Trophy and the Best Outdoor Trainee Award amongst 252 women constables who are also part of the first batch to pass out from the Police Training School.

Born to Ramesh and Gangamma, Shilpa S R hails from Shirangala village near Kushalnagar of Kodagu district. She did her schooling in Shirangala and completed her DEd course in Kudige along with pursuing BA degree through correspondence course. She is married to Muthanna, who is a constable in Madikeri police station.

Since childhood, Shilpa aspired to become either a teacher or a police. As a teacher, she wanted to make students good and law- abiding future citizens. “I was in search of a job in both the departments, and I got an opportunity here. If not as a teacher, I can work as a police to ensure law and order in the society. I wanted to contribute something good to the society,” says Shilpa. “My husband himself is a police. He was very supportive throughout the training and so was the family,” she adds.

Q & A

How was your experience in the training school?

It was a bit difficult in the beginning as I had no idea about the training. Being away from family, adjusting to a time table and getting trained was difficult. Then I got adjusted to the environment and it was not difficult anymore. We were taught karate, swimming, running, yoga and other physical fitness activities. Along with that, we were informed about the Indian penal code (IPC). Both indoor and outdoor training were provided. Lathi and dance drills were taught. Now I feel sad that the training has ended as I have to depart from my friends who were like a family with whom I spent more than 9 months in the training school.

Do you think women are serious about joining police service?

Certainly yes! Ladies have to understand a lot of social evils. Women police are very much needed in the society and fortunately they are giving thought to it. Many join the course just to get a job, but once you wear the police uniform, it makes you think about your job seriously. That feel can’t be explained, it has to be experienced. There is a need of women police personnel in the society where they should work with dedication and willingness.

How do you feel winning the Best Trainee Trophy? How did you work to achieve this?

I never thought of winning award when I joined. I am happy to be selected as the best candidate. Test marks, indoor and outdoor performance were considered. I am glad they identified my effort and ability and chose me for this award.

How was the interaction between higher officials and trainees?

Higher officials were good and generous. They were teaching us with enormous patience. We got our doubts cleared with them. They were interacting really well.

Most of the women face harassment in their day-to -day life. What do you suggest them?

Along with taking help from police, women must be brave and should learn to react to the situation wisely. It is always better to solve problems in the initial stage than coming to the police when things get serious.  Being brave is very much necessary. As harassing is a crime, tolerating harassment is also a crime.

What are your future plans? How would you like to grow in the department?

I wish to work as hard as I can. Currently I wish only to do my job well and contribute to ensure the law and order in the society.

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