Tech development has cascading effect on creative art: Siddaraju

Parents must start encouraging their children to take up creative art, said Chairman of Karnataka Exhibition Authority, B Siddaraju.

He was addressing at the inauguration of art exhibition titled ‘Yakshakrithi’ by artist Swathi organised by Sri Kalaniketan School of Art in the city on Tuesday.

He said: “Today most of the students choose professional courses to build their career and choose engineering and medical field. Very few would step in to the creative field. There is a need for parents to encourage their children to take up creative field or visual arts and persuade them to do their academics in those respective subjects. Today there are various creative and visual art courses offered in the society, even universities have come forward to offer degree programmes in those courses.”

“Karnataka is known for the sculpture art. Belur, Halebidu, Shravanabelagola are the living examples. But with the evolution of technology and science, there is a gradual decline in the number of people engaging in creative art field. There is a lot of scope for the art field and younger generation must come forward to take up this and showcase their artistic skills,” he added.

Various paintings depicting the facets, expression and postures of a Yakshagana artist painted by Swathi K were displayed on the occasion.

CAVA Dean BasavarajMusavalagi, Convenor Vitala Reddy Chuluki, Principal of Sri Kalaniketan School of art K C Mahadevashetty, Former CAVA Dean Ramadas, Chikkanna and others were present.

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