Techie mentions watching Kabali first day first show as achievement, gets hired

A 28-year-old Computer Science engineer suddenly started to receive calls from various companies offering him jobs after he updated ‘saw Kabali first day first show’ in ‘achievements’ section of his resume on Naukri.com.

Jagadeesh alias Jaggu was in the state of shock as he couldn’t believe his ears and luck as it was for the first time since he graduated three years ago that he received a job offer. “All I heard these years was ‘we will get back to you soon’ and never heard anything from them, Jaggu told this reporter.

“I never thought camping outside the theatre for four days to get ticket for the movie would turn out to be this beneficial for me. The company HR wants me to join the company as soon as I can,” jubilant Jaggu said.

Jaggu was jobless, like his other colleagues, despite claiming to have mastered Java, PHP, Python, Django and other languages. He attended not less than 100 interviews but only watching Kabali first day first show could land up him in a job.

“No interview no documents needed. Just bring the ticket as proof and you can take charge right away,” Jaggu was told by the HR.

Speaking to this reporter, the company HR Subramainain said that every other engineer possessed coding skills. But what Jaggu did was extraordinary. “He managed ticket for Kabali’s first day first show which I failed to get even in black,” he said.

“This chap has something in him. The X factor I mean,” the HR said, adding, our manager was so impressed with his achievement that he immediately asked me to call him and offer the job.

“Every Tom Dick and Harry mentions in his resume ‘To use my skills to the full potential with utmost quality assurance and to align myself with the professional growth and goals of the organisation with which I seek a long term career and relationship’. Till date, no one I found having skills, let alone using to the full potential. And long term relation my foot. Most of the employees quit job once training period ends and join other companies,” Subramainan added.

Subramanian said that Jaggu will be directly hired as a team lead as he possessed the necessary quality required for the post. “Jaggu is patient as evident by his four days of waiting outside the theatre and is the ideal guy to take all the bashings from the project manager on behalf of the team,” he reasoned.

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