Technical talk on fundamentals of OOPS, IT and security market held at GSSSIETW

The Association of Rising Computer Science Students (ARCS) of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women (GSSSIETW) organised various events on technical talk for all the students of third, fifth and seventh semesters, recently.

The main objective of this technical talk was to deliver the fundamentals of OOPS concepts and IT and Security Market. Balraj, Unilog, spoke about the fundamentals of OOPS concepts for third semester students with its features and its programming construct.

Praveen K R, Big Number, spoke about the OOPS concepts with JAVA for fifth semester students with Real time applications of JAVA, Android, Mobile apps and comparision of OOPS concepts with JAVA and its coding standard.

Chandan Kumar, TESOMA spoke about the IT and Security Market for seventh semester students with IT market issues and its security and Business oriented financial terminologies, basics of Economics and how to implement the data analytics for decision making using IT tools and also discussed carrier options in Government sector.

The technical talk gave an overview about the OOPS concepts and IT market and its issues and introduced the students to the environment of android application development. The session was all about OOPS with JAVA and IT Market with Android application and different approaches of mobile application development.

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