Temple roof leakage at Yelandur temple; former Dharmadarshi blames officials

“The historical Bhoolakshmi Varahaswamy temple roof at Yelandur was recently repaired. The repair work is of bad quality as there is leakage when it rains. Strict action should be taken against the officials for the cheap quality construction” said N Doreswamy, former Dharmadarshi of the temple, in a press release.

“The roof of the temple was replaced with concrete roof. But after two months of the construction, the roof is leaking when it rains. The walls of the temple are also getting weak due to rain water. Complaints have been filed with the officials, but no action is taken. The work was done with rupees 5 lakh.  Complaint copies are given to the District Commissioner and district-in-charge minister. If no action is taken, we will stage protest against it” stated Doreswamy.

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